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Re: Thankyou! Re: Can NO-GRAIN DIET CAUSE candid to go mycelial?? by Shinnob ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   12/3/2006 12:19:36 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Fiber helps move out unwanted estrogens. Even smoking tobacco does this, which explains why I felt worse when I quit smoking instead of better hehehehe. I haven't had a cig since I quit though.

A congested liver can't balance the hormones right and remove what it needs to.

Some things I do that aren't suggested at are castor oil packs. You can google em. They help decongest the liver and if you do em over your entire abdomen, it helps break up fibroids and endo tissue.

Mind you it's messy, but it's a good time to relax and meditate or watch tv whatever.

Most sites dont' tell you that baking soda is how you get castor oil off your hands.
It's really hard to remove from clothing so you need to be cautious.

I also don't buy all of her stuff on I found some comparable items elsewhere, but I have to say her mouthwash is fantastic if you have sensitive teeth or any issues there.

The reason I am not into all her herbs is the alcohol factor. I found bupleurum alcohol free and I use that occasionally.

Obviously I can't do turmeric, but she recommends it. What I found fascinating
was that Milk Thistle was estrogenic cuz I could never figure out why it made my
period worse (vomitting, endo excessive cramps)as it's supposed to help with
liver issues. A lot of supposively good herbs for liver are estrogenic, I have found unfortunately on my own.

I know you said you are open minded so I'll throw this at ya. I'm a Sagittarius
and that rules the liver. Pluto is now moving through Sagittarius (Pluto represents a purging of sorts that transforms you)and it takes a while to move through (til 2008) and I have been ill the entire time it has been in there!

I wonder if other people that are Sag's or have some planets in Sag are having similar issues.

Some that I know aren't doing to well makes ya wonder.



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