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Re: fecal odor by shingler ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/29/2006 9:16:29 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I am a women with the same b.o which I have had for 20 years. My problems started when I was 15 years old and has continued throught my adult life. I have tried everything listed on this forum but each individual is different and not every remedy is gonna work for you as it might me. However, i truly beleive that this odour is due to a build up of toxins in our bodies, and for whatever reason it cannot eliminate them as it should do.

I would strongly recemmend a detox i.e. liver, kidneys, bowel. Also amke sure your skin is doing its job to sweat any toxins out. Mine isnt.

Just a few tings that I have tried and has worked for me, if not only temporarily but im guessing any form of relief is welcome if my fecael b.o is anyting to go by.

On consuming food or drink my b.o gets worst so I tried grapefruit seed extract six capsules with food (any less for me was not beneficial). This helped to remove stench if not only for a short while. Also gargle with the liquid (follow directions on label)if you suffer from bad breath. This has worked wonders for me.

I eat oats porridge to get my bowels moving. If I dont have a bowel movement each morning the odour is worst for me. colonic irrigations are good for removing build up of toxins in bowel. Ive had them in the past and have worked well when combined with the rest but can be a little bit expensive.

I am also trying a detox bath each night. Sea Salt , Epsom Salt and baking powder. Again this releases toxins from the body through sweat.

Cut out or cut down on the crap from your diet that causes toxins which is also putting a strain on your elimination organs such as cigerettes, alcohol, drugs and poor diet etc. You know what it is.

I am alos seeing a chinese herbalist who has made me up a detox tea which I drink each morning and evening. I have used chinese herbs in the past and have had success but have been in hospital recently which has cancelled the good effects these herbs have had on my body.

Most of all never give up. Keep on looking for a solution as the doctors dont seem to have one. There is a remedy out there for you just try to be patient.

God bless

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