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Re: 21 days start tomorrow and need support. Wanna join? by ecochuck ..... Fasting: General Fasting Support

Date:   11/26/2006 3:09:41 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Well first you should feel good for being so wise. Just because everyone in the south thought it was fine to have black slaves did not make it right. The whites there who were against it were the wise ones. How stupid was that to think that blacks were animals and not humans so the constitution did not cover them.

They were considered property not people. It was legal (anything is legal if there is no law against it) for slavemasters to have sex with 6 year old slaves that they own. If slavery were still legal today then old blacks would be sold on ebay for $20 each while 12 year old attractive black slave girls would be selling for around $25,000 each.

My point is that even though most people are against fasting does not make any of them any less stupid. It just makes you smarter. The bible has 74 references to fasting since it was a big part of their life. Also the site below has lots of scientific info about fasting with quotes from 11 MDs. The page on natural healing tells about fasting used for mental issues.

But the site below also recognizes the profound effect fasting has on you emotionally and spiritually. I am a very scientific person and not superstitious at all. Yet I have seen how fasting can change your luck. Christians on TV will fast 21 days for spiritual reasons. With fasting you should be able to have a better life than before instead of just recovering from what has happened to you. The site below should give you a lot of support. Plus you have extra time while fasting from not buying food, preparing it, eating it and cleaning the dishes. Five months ago I fasted for 22 days on pure water.

Fasting Can Change Your Life

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