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Re: I don't get it by cureforcurezone ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   11/7/2006 5:59:15 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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i wish it were that simple, ive gone the healthy road but it doesnt make a large difference. our problem is not internal, if it were many people would have healed theirselves but yet only a few have out of how many, a few is such a small number compared to everyone on this forum. chances are that those people didnt even have our condition just a mild case of chronic chapped lips. ive only read about one guy who did Liver Flushes and healed, probably not the same condition as ours, and one peson who uses oils and healed but if off them they go back to normal. so are these people really healed. if you look at the logic everyone here suffers and cant fix the problem, if you look at testimonies most begin at an early age like 20 and many people here have reported suffering for ten, twenty years. it is a life long problem that i think we need to stop finding cures and find the best methods to cope with it.

i can apply balm once a day in the morning and say im cured, but when i stop a i, no. i can apply prescription creams and when i stop and i cured, no. most people say there cured after they find something that works. The reality is that it cannot be cured because it is some type memory problem in the cells and they cannot remember how to properly adjust and form healthy skin. they havce been traumatized and now are obstructed from performing their duty. i have mentioned this before, it is like a drug addict. when your an alcoholic your cells are altered and they change for life. they become accustomed to the alcohol in the blood and rely on it. same with heroin or cocaine. your body adjusts. that is why they say you can never cure a drug addict, each day is a new struggle.

from whatever the case, mine from chapstick and excessive licking, i altered the memory of the cells in my lips and will be affected for life. like all of us. whatever it was, something altered them in all of us.

another point to consider. SERIOUSLY. i work in two schools with elementary school children. in the winter children are prone to lick their lips because of the dry cold air. they do not have lip balm. in response to this, 95 percent of the children get our condition. they DO. check it out for yourself. they all have our condition. theirs heals though after several days. our does not. they are young and their bodies are adjusting to new factors. our doesnt adjust because they have been too severaly affacted.

anyways, i feel that this will be proven one day when Science is advanced. until then it doesnt hurt to try new things.


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