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Homeopathic Vaccines ("Nosodes"), chickenpox parties, who should NOT be vaccinated... by sandover ..... Vaccination Debate Forum

Date:   10/30/2006 7:43:45 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi --

I wonder if anyone has had experience with nosodes in disase prevention. I went to a talk by a doctor who has had a pediatric practice for 20+ years. For the bulk of that time he used conventional vaccines, but as he became more convinced by homeopathy, he began immunizing with nosodes (homeopathic preparations that are formulated with diseases-containing tissue) and found, for instance, that children immunized with nosodes had a higher resistance to pertussis than kids to whom he had given the conventional vaccine.

Has anyone here tried nosodes? I would love to hear some experience as I want to find alternatives to DPT, MMR, etc. for our daughters.

I looked at the length of the "MMR parties" thread below and didn't have time to go through it. I have heard of "chickenpox parties" before through parents whose kids go to a local private school (We are in Virginia). I have read that this was a common practice in days of yore, and that parents would expose healthy siblings to symptomatic ones so that they would all get sick at once, and so kids could get it while they were in good health, not when they might already have lowered immune responses.

A lot of the information on why not to vaccinate your children has to do with the idea of some childhood diseases' being good in the long run. Measles, mumps, and chickenpox all help to "develop" a child's immune system to better combat adult diseases, the logic goes -- and they are benign in a healthy child (no lasting effect) although can be quite dangerous in adulthood (when, in a vax-free world, most adults would have acquired immunity!).

I think that I will vax our girls if they don't acquire these diseases by the age of 10 or so, but hope that they at least get chicken pox. Sounds strange I know -- but I don't have a bad memory of my bout with chicken pox.

FInally, I read a great book recently by Dr. CHristiane Northrup called "Mother-Daughter Wisdom." She is an MD with two daughters and has a sensible discussion of vaccination -- why she did not do it for one of her daughters, why she did some vaccines for another, how to prepare for and administer vaccines if you decide to vaccinate, and most important, who should not vaccinate -- or who should wait until kids are older. (Family history of neurological problems -- ADD, etc.)

Hope this is helpful!


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