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Re: Colon Health by Hidden Username ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   10/26/2006 5:08:26 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I wrote this letter to another group and was refered here to see if I can get help.


I've been here for a while reading about colon cleansing and killing the parasites, I know I need to do this differntly. The thought of having parasites just turns my stomach. I have a lot of digestive, (diviculitis however u spell it), stomach, colon problems here of late, well I guess it's been building up. No pun intended!

So, I bought, at the drugstore a 7 day internal cleanse not colon cleanse..I think I started with the wrong thing. It's done nothing but make me sicker.

I've checked out a lot of products but I seem to be drawn to the oxypowder and think I am going to try that, I like what I've read about it. Geez I want to feel like that clean!!! Right now I feel bogged down, headache, out of sorts, skin crawling, HOT, sluggish overall like CRAP after doing this for 7 days, well 6 I couldn't take it anymore and didn't do the last day. I've never felt this bad.

I also have a huge problem with sulfur burps, does anyone know what is causing this, and how do I get rid of it? I've been reading about Digestive Enzymes, does anyone have any insight on these. WOuls these help? I've read that you shouldn't take them all the time that your system will soon depend on them? I've tried the new yogurt thing, it doesn't help.

I've seen my DR he doesn't know what they are caused from, I've hd my gallbladder out and had all kinds of invasive tests done, they give me a pill and send me home of which NONE help.

Any help ..... suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Then I came here and read (below) this from Andreas, So.. I should do a liver flush first? And how do I do that? Can you suggest a product for me? Where is more information on liver flush? Sorry but this is all Greek to me. BTW I am 51 years old and just started having these problems in the last 2 years or so.. besides the sulfur burps, Every time I eat, I have an enough gas to supply the

Whenever I recommend colosan, oxy-powder or oxyflush, I emphasize that digestive functions need to be improved through liver flushing and adjustment of diet and lifestyle. Otherwise, these good products are just bandaids. In any case, it is not a good idea to rely on any product for long periods of time. You would want to retrain the body to do its job, not take over the job.


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