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Re: I was in a car that fell from the sky onto the street by Blue Eyes ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   10/25/2006 5:47:32 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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The dream suggests a situation in which you are using a rationale or philosophy (in a car) in which there is a failing. As the car is falling from the sky, the failing in your way of thinking is really Godís failing or a failing in your own higher consciousness/intelligence. (as we do not expect anything other than rain, snow etc. to fall from the sky) As the sensation of falling is felt so strongly, it would tend to suggest that you are very aware of this falling/failing and need to be very aware of it. Yet instead of putting a stop to the imaginative thinking being done (instead of stopping the dream) when using this rationale or philosophy you allow it to continue.

You end up using a mental attitude with opinions and beliefs not your own. (in someoneís house) Here we find the idea of not liking yourself which is frightening. (a man who did not like me) The man can also be seen as representing an aspect of your own mind showing a kind of thinking which is not likely going to do you any favours. (as he does not like you)

Using opinions and beliefs not your own, you are looking up to Ė giving respect or honour to the apiritual rituals of the Buddist religion. (alter way up). While seemingly at a high level of intelligence (high on the wall), the rituals of the Buddist religion are here being backed by your human ego (the wall) You may need to ask or question the emotional aspect of yourself that has responded positively, or with favour, towards the idea of chanting. (ask a woman if she chanted- she said yes)


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