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Kevin: Re: When I leave.. by #38976 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   10/18/2006 11:29:23 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Kevin: not being familiar with your postings, don’t know if your pain is localized to the upper leg and lower abdominal & back areas, if so maybe this is worth looking at? The links after the first one are from a book that shows trigger points and how to massage, maybe worth asking your chiro to check it out at the library? Just hate to hear you’re in such pain and discomfort.

“Piriformis Syndrome: The Big Mystery or A Pain In The Behind
by Stephen M. Pribut, DPM and Amelia Perri-Pribut, B.S., R.N., M.B.A.”

"Pain in the penis, testicles, prostate, rectum, or bladder may be nothing more serious than these same lower abdominal trigger points. In the buttocks, a piriformis muscle that is shortened and swollen by trigger points can entrap the pudendal nerve, causing prostate symptoms and impotence in males and pain in the groin, genitals, or rectal area of either gender.“


This page shows how they massage trigger points for frozen shoulder, maybe there is a page online for your muscle pain [method]:

Another reference link:

If you’re not absorbing your supplements maybe you can take liquid, angstrom and sublingual as much as possible until you get yourself stabilized?

Hope you find some relief soon…

MadArt (ist)


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