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Re: My dog is not himself after shots, scared of water!HELP! by yerr_sister ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   8/10/2005 11:57:43 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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stay calm, your dog needs you to provide confidence and care!!

1) take your dog's temperature now - use a rectal themometer, if you don't have a rectal themometer, go to the store and get one, do not use an oral themometer, they are thinner and will break inside the dog's anus ! use rectal themometer only.
this will tell you if he/she is sick, the temperature is key. if the dog doesn't have a temperature, it will probably blow over. see the chart below on what a normal temp is. if the temp is a little high, do what you would do for a child with a temperature, it the temp is really high, take to the vet, but oversee everything the vet does!! (i tend to think vets are a big clueless myself)

2) put a dab of petrolium jelly/vaseline on his anus, have someone stroke the dog's head and keep him/her distracted and insert the rectal themometer in 1/4 inch is all you need.

3) whether or not your dog has a temp, also get an oral syringe at the store (walgreens should have both the rectal themometer and oral syringe). and squirt water every hour in his/her mouth to get her/him to urinate and flush out the toxins. you can also squirt chicken or turkey baby food into his mouth with the syringe too. but he may not want to eat. but the water is imperative.

i do not let vets give my cats shots, just the required ones for my dog to get a license. it's important for your dog to drink water, so do you have an oral syringe? will your dog let you squirt a little water into the corner of his mouth? you can buy an oral syringe at walgreens - or better yet, call your vet and ask him to give you one. use the size appropriate for your dog. i had a cat with a cat fever and they said she was going to die, i took off work and gave her a squirt of water every hour and fed her chicken baby food (squirts of it) every hour too. she lived but it was close.

does your dog have a temperature???? do you have a rectal themometer? (you cannot use the kind we put in our mouths, they can break inside the anus !! only use a rectal one. the temperature will tell you how serious things are. if the dog's temp is okay, then it will probably pass, put a little vaseline by his anus and have someone pet him while you gently slide the themometer a 1/2 inch or so for 30 seconds. a normal temperature for a dog is

between 101 degrees and 102.5 degrees."
anything below 99 degrees or above 102.5 degrees is worth a call to the veterinarian."
"a normal temperature is from 101 degrees to 102.5 °f."
temperatures below 100 °f or above 103 °f are abnormal."

this way you can flush his system out with water, make him urinate and get rid of the toxins faster.

those shots are dangerous.
one time i took a cat to the vet and had an argument with the receptionist about the shots--she was insisting they were required, i knew they weren't (just the rabbie ones was required at that time). anyway, she got malicious and gave the cat them anyway and the cat died 2 days later.

here is a site you can get advice from: i've never written her, but she sounds good.

keep us posted!!


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