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Re: paralixer--the best parasite cleanse available for a cat--clear, odorless, tasteless cats don't notice it by yerr_sister ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   8/7/2005 11:21:45 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hello again,

Yess! I love Kevin Trudeau , haven't ordered his book YET, but I will soon and I love watching him on TV and I believe him.

That's funny about your dad and I would think living in the country they would worm their animals more? I think my dad did that stuff 2x a year or something like that for all their farm animals, except the cats because they were feral. But I don't know because I'm from the city where our vets say only heavy infested animals should be wormed pretty much.

I never saw anything in my cat's stools but they have a lot of dirt that used to be out in their enclosed patio--i had built a 7 foot by 5 foot box and planted grass in it and it kind of turned into a part-time cat box and I removed all the dirt and keep it ultra clean and now they use it to lay in (the bottom is lattice so air gets through, etc.) My cats love to eat grass and they graze on it like cows as a matter of fact and so does my dog, so now i trasport it into their patio and put large 7 inch long clumps of blades of fresh grass between 2 pieces of wood that press together and hold the grass in place and they eat evey bit of it AND they fight over it too :) (they cannot go outdoors due to the 30-strong packs of coyotes out in my 6 acres of desert here in Arizona. But until I read Hulda Clark 's book " The Cure For All Diseases " I didn't know how much cats and people can get parasites--so if i am to remain parasite-free, i've got to do the cats and dog. They don't always show up like big bunches of worms either, that's only when they are infested with them, but they always have some kind of parasites in them, but they don't hurt the cat as much as the human and a lot of cats can go on living and never get dewormed, I had one cat for 22 years that I never dewormed--I didn't know about that stuff then and she was healthy and playful up until the day she died (heart attack). Cats have very short intestines and us humans, well, our's are like stretched out they can cover a tennis court. I know they must have because their coats were dull and a lot of them vomited after being wormed--from both the drontal AND the paralixer but ONLY FOR THE FIRST DAY. After that there is no more vomitting and their fur is getting back shiny again.

You could just do the paralixer a few times a year, although i don't know how long each application should be. I am doing my cats for a couple weeks and i am going to then do it every 3 months but that is because if you have a cattery or over 10 cats or a large group of them, if i only had one cat, i'd just do it 1 or 2x per year. I just bought the new pet zapper collar for $86.00
but i mainly bought that to kill ear mites and such and to use on them when they're sick. But I think for you, having a one-dog or one-cat pet, you should deworm 2x per year is what i've read. At least 1x per year. But all of my cats were alley, feral, and abandoned street cats I rescued so they were probably packed with parasites.

Yes, the paralixer you can put into your dog's water, just need 3-6 drops, they have a sale on it right now for only $6.95 per bottle, I just bought 5 bottles because I have so many cats!! here's where you can buy it on sale for $6.95 ):

I am sorry to hear about your kitty that was hit by a car. Cats are such cool buddies and when I was bedridden for 11 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, that's when I met these cats, they were basically my little buddies I met late at night in my back yard (it's hard to sleep with Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome so you're up all night a lot, even though you're fatigued). I no longer have CFS--thanks to Dr. Clark's parasite cleanser, the zapper, and the Candida Wellness Center, took about 6 months total to get well and I haven't even done the liver cleanse yet--I am doing the kidney one now and soon I'll be doing the liver cleanse.

As for the Naked Empress (the pharmicutical industry) I agree wholeheartedly and they also fund fraudulent animal experiments that don't back up anything and don't help humans and they use the "it's your dog or your baby" lie to get people on board with them. They never cured anybody anyway and any of the "drugs" that are successful are just made from herbs, like chemo therapy uses the Periwinkle flower--yes, that's right, one of the most powerful chemo "drugs" is none other than a substance made from the Periwinkle flower which is very poisonous but kills cancer. But that's a whole 'nother story.



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