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--Teeth rebuilding with Alkaline Minerals-- by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   9/30/2006 4:18:36 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Ya'll,

This subject seems to have many people interested ?

So, I am going to attempt to add some ideas of understanding about the subject ?

The teeth need Lots of Calcium in the phosphate form along with many different Alkaline Trace Minerals to Harden the tooth and make it strong !

Phosphate is an Acid !

Calcium is an Alkaline !

The Trace Minerals are Alkaline !

So, the Acids of Phosphate may be needed in combination with these Different Alkaline Minerals with Calcium being the number one Alkaline Mineral needed !

Now, the Question becomes how do you get these needed foods for your teeth ?

The proper way is thru Top Quality Highly Mineralized Foods !

But, alas we have a Great problem, because these may not be available to many people ?

So, just what may you do ?

There is a product which is made by Daily MFG. , INC. in Rockwell , N.C.
which is called Colloidal soft rock phosphate and comes in a capsule form which may help a person to supply some of the needed phosphate minerals for better teeth ?

I think they are still in business ?

You can take these capsules and it may help your teeth, but this product may also make you more Acidic, "IF" you do not take enough other Alkaline Minerals, and you take too many of these capsules !

The reason for this is that the phosphate is it's self an Acid, and this phosphate carries along with it many of the needed Alkaline Minerals, but it is Acidic forming in Nature also !

"IF" one was having lots of teeth problems, this may be something which may help you solve some of these problems for you ?

You could take these along with the Alkalizing drink and add a little extra Lime water and may Help your teeth out a whole Lot ?

The teeth must have what they need "IF" you expect to keep them Healthy !

This is the same for any other organ of the body !

Smile Tis your choice.


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