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Re: Clueless????????? by Jhan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   9/28/2006 12:08:24 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Keep the questions coming. I saw so many people on this forum asking the questions adfterwards, like when the had start to take a product (and often screwing things up) so just make sure.
Dealing with candida involves SO many different things that it is easy to feel clueless about all this. You take supplements. Bravo! I forgot to mention probiotics but as it is an obvious one, I assume you are taking some as well.

It is essential to rotate natural antifungal. Every second week seems excessive to me, I rotate every 3 to 4 weeks, but if you dont, candida will slowly win over you. So I totally agree with this principle.
However if you take a chemical antifungal: Nystatin, there is no need to rotate.
I'd rather go natural and I find that grapefruit seed extract oregano oil and garlic (allicin) are my three best antifungals.

The diet and the suppl. ( I assume this might be what you meant by 'candida cleanse') you keep going with them until you are over with candida. Some even say that, to avoid falling back, you should grant another 2 months on the diet once the symptoms have disappeared. I have read so many posts about people falling back that I will apply this one.

Apart from diet and suppl. You do one organ cleanse at a time - either bowel, liver or kidneys. It is advisable to do a parasite cleanse BEFORE you do the liver flushes.

I have never heard of the Royal FLush but I have used aloe vera juice with great results, orally and in my enemas solution as well.
These days, here at Curezone everybody fancies the caprilic acid P & B- again, I did not use that one but there are quite a few options. You could post again and ask for the recipe.
Some people react to psyllium and then, there is another option the linseed cleanse. There are many options to choose from so keeo asking the right questions.

Please read the section on the P & B in this post (I'm to lazy to type it again): //



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