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Re: i want my foreskin back!!!! by ryan mccormack ..... Circumcision Discussion & Debate

Date:   9/19/2006 4:29:08 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi Tass.

If you read my letter I said that I cannot understand how a one year old is aware of his lack of a foreskin. Not the fact that he was circumcised (which I'm not that sure about either, but that's another issue). I think that an individual would only develop this kind of opinion through chatting to others (difficult at age one), looking at others and being in the minority (I think kids aren't aware of this until later on) or by developing some kind of sexual inability later in life (again unlikely at age one!). That's of course if the sexual inability is directly from circ or blamed thereon. In any case, if one follows your argument on permanently damaged from a circ experience, the there must be an awful lot of claustrophobics as a result of travelling through the birth canal? That, I dare say,would not apply to someone who was born by caesarean section? Go figure. Anyhow if circumcision was responsible for all the problems you mention, then how is it that there are a load of us circ'd guys who actually do fine? Again go figure.The crux of the matter is essentially that one must either put up with the perceived ills or shutup if you're not going to try and act on it. IE: Get restored (and I'm all for that if someone hates their circ status or their weiner). Otherwise moaning without any action to change the problem is like a bag of hot air. Then sh*t up.

Hope things work out for you. In the meantime give your other half all the support he needs. Then you are more than half way to solving the problem. Interestingly my GF would never swap a circ'd partner for a foreskinned variety as she feels sex is no where near as good. And she has incidently experienced both (she's from the UK). Just the other side of the coin.

Take care.


P.S: inasmuch as you dislike my quoting a doctor, I do believe that he is more qualified that me to pass an opinion on childhood development. It is after all his field. Please don't tell me that you are one of those individuals who don't trust anything a doctor says, but then rushes off to the ER when you get very sick, seeking medical advise that you later criticise. (Oh and by the way, I don't believe everything doctors say).

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