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Date:   9/15/2006 11:07:18 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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North Coast Man, thank god there's at least 1 other person with his eyes opened to this issue!

(The rest of this is not directed at NCM specifically)...

There have actually been times when I wondered if 'kevinnader' is really a 15 year old kid who's sitting at his computer laughing at us for taking him so seriously as he talks about his 'burny ass and crotch'. Haven't you ever thought it was a little extreme?

And what are the standards around here? Is 'Ask Curezone' an adults only forum? Seems to me that underage people should be able to read the posts without getting an eyefull of constant posts about one's ass, crotch, penis, pubic hairs, etc. One time would be no big deal but come on... this is happening on a regular basis. It just seems a bit graphic for this type of forum. Perhaps it would be more appropriate on a forum specifically for men. And yet, the Curezone community puts up with it... creating an 'anything goes' attitude around here. I would be offended if I were ever warned about a post given that Kevin seems to have no rules placed upon him.

Nonetheless, you guys can continue to 'support' him right into the ground... I'll support him by encouraging him to see a professional and not feeding into his ploy for negative attention. He needs the help of a professional who can look at ALL of his symptoms and his history, etc. The last thing he needs is for us to keep feeding into his need for attention. I wouldn't say this under most circumstances, but how long has he been around here saying the same things over and over again? He clearly needs help beyond CureZone.

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