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Re: New To Kefir with Questions by Marilyn_kefir_lady ..... Kefir Grain Support Forum

Date:   9/13/2006 9:23:55 PM ( 11years ago)
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Hi Paulette,

1. I have only been drinking Kefir commercially produced (Lifeway) as that was readily available and I did not know that it can be home grown until doing research on the internet. I am also treating Candida Infection with ThreeLac, which seems to be working pretty good, but I wanted to replenish my intestinal flora with good bacteria, so I thought I'd try Kefir as I heard so much about it. My question is does the store bought Kefir offer ANY benefit?


I realize the home-grown is the best way to go, but can someone tell me what is the the people who make the commercial Kefir use a different type of culture or grains?

They extract 7-8 strains to be able to make it commercially.

Am I still getting the beneficial broad spectrum of probiotics from the store-bought Kefir?

7-8 strains compared to 30 in home made kefir made from real kefir grains.

2. Is it true that the lactose in Kefir is almost entirely digested before I drink it so I don't have to worry about feeding the Candida with the milk sugar?

I hope not or it would be way too sour to drink. There are yeast strains in kefir that oppose candida yeast.

3. I hope to be able to learn to make my own Kefir, but I am a little confused about getting the grains. Are all grains the same?

Yes and no. No matter where you get them they will adjust to the living conditions you give them in your kitchen.

Do they produce the same bacteria?

I'm sure all the kefir grains on the earth have many strains in common.

And how do I know the quality of the grains I am getting from someone?

The taste! Go with the person's reputation. I just started a yahoo group yesterday for kefir grains exchange and I hope to set up a type of "leave feedback" page to keep everyone on their toes as far as sending out healthy kefir grains.

Is ALL Kefir the same irrespective of where I obtain the grains?

Nope. It all depends how well they have been taken care of.

How do I know what kind of Kefir the grains I am getting will produce if they are not all the same?

You will take care of yours properly and no matter how sickly they are, within a few weeks they will transform back into pristine condition. If you get healthy ones to begin with, you get to drink quality kefir from the get go.

4. Does Kefir from home-grown culture taste the same as the store bought?

That's possible. It might take practice.

(I love the taste of the plain Lifeway Kefir and hope I can make it to taste the same way). 5. And lastly, I live in Northeast Ohio and would like to know where I can obtain a "good" source of grains with all the bacteria/yeast that is necessary to produce a good Kefir.

I am in NW Ohio and could send you some on Monday.

I had written to Dom but haven't heard back from him yet about his grains.

This is very typical of him. I just got kicked off his list for selling kefir grains. I explained to him that I am providing a service. He is the only one that is allowed to sell kefir grains to his own list members yet he doesn't always answer his e-mails. I've been filling in for him for years, along with many others on the list. He singled me out, kicked me out, and many, many people encouraged me to start my own group. So I took the plunge.

I am still reading all I can get my hands on regarding Kefir, especially Dom's site which is an immense source of information, but still have a lot to read :) I hope you will be able to help me with future questions as well. Thank you. Praise the Lord! Paulette

My pleasure,
Marilyn (don't write to my yahoo account through curezone because I might not see it for days)

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