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Re: I'm fasting today! Who else...Gunnab!!! by noelle02 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   9/11/2006 7:19:59 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Oh Bec,

please don't let that mental war get to you. remember...any fast or challenge in your life is 99% mental. i don't like to use the word willpower- it's more about the self talk. WE KNOW THIS WILL WORK! if you stick to a fast, your body has to lose weight. the problem is keeping ourselves from going back and forth (eating fasting eating fasting). that is so much worse for our metabolism!

ok, focus for today. don't worry about tomorrow. just today. get more water, add lemon if you need to. lemon ain't gonna kill ya and it sure won't prevent you from losing! it will give you a kick if you need it. i know it's hard to not get so angry about the weight we have put on but that game won't get us anywhere but back here! do this once and for all. focus for today. tomorrow, we will deal with it tomorrow.

i'm fasting for a wedding that i am in 2 weeks from friday! oh my goodness that is so close. i have to fit in to a size 8 dress which is a loose style so if i'm about a 10 i think it will do. i have a lot of work to do that's for sure!

a little info about me. :) i do not have a family. i have an amazing boyfriend who does not know about my fast. he would be so sad to think that i would abstain from eating. he wants me to be healthy but does not think fasting is healthy at all. so this is my challenge and my goal. my mom is in town for 3 weeks too which is going to be interesting. i don't know how to get around eating with her! i'm gonna work the stomach ache ploy for a while and then hopefully she'll just leave me alone! plus, we need to do more than just eat together!

well, i'm going to read for a bit but i'll keep checking our messages! keep in touch bec. whatever you need for support- i promise i will give it to you. STAY STRONG! GET HEALTHY AND GET SKINNY!

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