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Re: Please Watch This: attention:long post! by Roaminone1 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/6/2006 8:40:21 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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wow theres alot there to respond to but I'll start with my mother. It took probably 10 years of showing her movies and preaching at her but she finally stopped "diet" pop/soda. Sugar is evil but fake Sugar is even worse. So finally she's listening, about 2 months ago I was telling her about pH and a variety of other things(she has artheritis-has just gotten 2 new knees,they hand them out like candy to children here in Canada). I had started to take ACV,black strap molassis and cayenne and had her start as well. It didnt take long for her to start to notice the differences. She doesnt have as much pain anymore,reduced swelling in her body all over,she has more energy,looks and feels younger and a big one for her -no more constipation.She is drinking it twice a day and just reciently went back to one and is starting to back slide a bit but she notices and is going to up it to 2 or maybe 3 again.

My whole family is 0 rh neg and non ever have been big meat eaters,so I think thats a big myth. I was veg for 10 years and vegan for probably 5 and felt fine (fell off the wagon but working towars raw vegan again).Spirulina has been a close friend of mine for a long time (ohh man Im making myself feel old!) Over the years I have recommended it to a bunch of people to use and anyone that has tried it and given it a ch Acne is still taking it. They say spirulina and kelp are high in protien and vitamins and minerals which you could get your mother to take instead of meat. When I first became vegitarian is was because I was sick all the time and couldnt breath-i was a very picky eater and hated everything so this was a big step for me , I really had to learn to like healthy food and it came eventually and so did health.
I think if she ate all healthy food she wouldnt have to worry about eating fruit. CF posted a trailor or 30 day raw and diabetes maybe it would help her? Hope any of this helps.


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