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O neg. for transfusions? by #25098 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   9/5/2006 4:50:27 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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In Canada, the only notice taken of my O neg blood was that it is considered 'universal' as a transfusion to others of any (almost any?) other type. And that I MUST have only O neg when receiving transfusion.

(There must also be cross-matching tests before receiving blood, I am told.)

I have never had a baby, but I am told that a combination of O neg and O pos parents may cause what used to be called a 'blue baby'. At one time, I was told, they used to transfuse a 'blue baby', completely changing its blood. Wow!

I donated blood once, as a young woman. At subsequent donations, I was refused. Apparently my red cell count was too low for donation. I needed all I had.

A few years later, I had to be transfused to bring me up to par for female surgery.

After that I was found to have too many red blood cells.

More recently I was allowed to donate blood again, and did so a few times. (I was easily taught to relax myself into lower blood pressure, because my pressure was borderline high.)

I let donating slide, and am now considered too old.

No one has ever suggested 'shots' for my blood type. You could have heard me at your house, if anyone had.

One of my brothers has an extremely rare type (I'm guessing AB neg) and has been 'on call' for donating.

All told, I've had the impression that the negative factor was a 'good' thing, if only for donation purposes.

I must say that I have wondered at donating when one's blood may contain whatever. I've been told that there is a 'solution' already in the bags, before you donate. That gives me pause, also.

The HIV screening has been very carefully thorough every time I donated in recent years.

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