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trying liver flush again after bad experience in the past--a few questions by Dakar ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   9/3/2006 6:47:51 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I would like to thank so many of the experienced folks out there. I have been reading a lot of your postings...

The problems i had a few years back with my 3rd liver flush: i got sick afterwards, a cold, which i interpreted at the time to mean that the flushing was actually weakening me. Also, for some reason Epsom Salts , besides being unpleasant, did not wash through me very easily, and I had difficulty getting it out.

This time I did it without Epsom Salts . And thanks to some of the informative postings, i used enemas to wash out toxins in the followup of the flush. In preparation I used Gold Coin Grass to soften the stones, and some other herbal products. Also i went on an apple juice fast for 2 days before. I mixed olive oil with lemon juice, and i took 3 doses at the interval of 2 TV shows each time. (I cold tell you the time interval, but it is more truthful this way!)

I was happy with this flush. I feel like my body went through a pretty major toxic dump, and lots of stones. Also, this time i know they were not formed by Epsom Salts -- that was always a nagging doubt with my first cleanses. Anway, there are a few things i am trying to interpret, and would appreciate some help:

1. I had lots of headaches, starting with the period of the apple juice fast. I don't think it was the Sugar bothering me. Could it already being toxins being released? It could just be the fasting. Following the flush, i ended up doing an enema whenever i got a headache.I figured that if there were toxins there getting back into my system, then flushing them out would help. And in fact the headaches when away shortly after the enema. Does this make sense with other people's experiences? By the way, i kept myself very well hydrated, so dehydration was not the problem.

2. I also had quite a localised sore throat at times, also starting from the apple juice fast. I thought it might develop into a cold like last time. This also I do regular "mega" doses of vitamin C, and i am familiar with the effect on my body. I did this when my throat got sore, and the vitamin C took care of it as it normally does. I am also reading this as a toxin effect. Anyway, the whole thing was more than i could really comfortably handle, so i am thinking to tone it down a little next time, to go a little bit slower. Any advice on that?

3. In descriptions of liver flushes, many people have written how they can feel what is going on inside their liver and gall bladder. I think i must be highly insensitive, as i have virtually no feeling of what is happening in there. Of course, i am happy that nothing is getting blocked and painful... am i just less sensitive than others?


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