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Re: why does my stomach always make noises all the time? by violet_grace ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   4/28/2005 2:42:52 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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my friend had a yeast overgrowth in his digestive system and had this problem.
do you have dark circles,anxiety,digestive probelms,itching around the anus, bad breath that keeps coming back no matter how much you brush?

also did you post about needed dental work somewhere? could of been someone else.
i have noticed that people have problems in the teeth and mouth will also have problems in the digestive area.

i had a slight yeast problem too. i had a yeast type of skin rash (tinea versacolor)
after a parasite cleanse and 4 days of a master cleanse my stomach is not bloated anymore, my rash is gone, my dark circles are gone, and i dont have super tasty taste to my mouth when i wake up. and i didnt even go the full 10 days!

i would say try to stay away from sugars,breads with yeast, vinegar, mushrooms, milk, junkfoods for at least 6 weeks. then try doing a parasite cleanse to kill off anything that has not starved to death.
follow that up with a bowel cleanse.
you could do the master cleanse or use some senna tea a couple times a week to flush out your system after doing the parasite cleanse.
do not over use the senna.
do not use the senna for a long period of time.

after the cleanse give yourself a good dose of "friendly bacteria" they will know what you are talking about if you ask for it at a health food store.


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