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vaginal burning by #57770 ..... Gynecological Problems Forum

Date:   6/1/2006 11:59:33 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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hi everyone,

I've been having this burning and itching (and a tiny bit of swelling) down
in the vaginal area, mainly on the right side, under the "lip" so to speak.
I'm not very sexually active, but latley I've begun to sleep with a man I met, and really do care about, not very often though since we don't live in the same city. I know this can be a common problem, but the thing that bothers me is that he was exposed to depleted uranium about 27 yrs. ago, for two years in a factory he worked in, he breahted it in everyday! I know that stuff settles in your bones and bone marrow and BODY FLUIDS, like semen. I've read a lot about this recently. I read about how the soldiers that came home from the Gulf War infected their wives since it IS IN THE SEMEN, and that many of their children were born with birth defects, as was my boyfriends first two kids, but his third child was normal.
I read some of the symptoms that occured in their wives, such as burning and itching...and that that lead to other serious diseases, such as ovarian or cervical cancer! So, here I am, panicky over this! This has only happend when we've been togehter. He'll come and visit me, and we'll be together for a few days, and then he goes home, then I may not see him again for a few, this has happened usually every time we've seen each other (well, not EVERY TIME), but it goes away fairly quickly...NOT THIS TIME! Like I said, I know this can be caused by a millin things....but take into consideration that he was exposed and breathed in depleted uranium for two years (27 yr.s ago) and that it is most probably in his semen! His wife NEVER suffered from any symptoms of being infected by uranium....only his two kids. I am 46yrs. old, in fairly good shape, and have NEVER had anything like this in my life! If I put apple cider vinegar in there, it burns a little, but it takes away the does yogurt. I know taht creams like Vagisil are bad for you, right? Anyway, does anyone out there have any info on this......could this be from the uranium?

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