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HELP! Melanoma (skin cancer)! URGENT!!! by bluandyelo ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/30/2005 7:10:52 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I just found out my Dad is going to hospital to have a melanoma (skin cancer) removed. This is the second time, it happened 15 years ago too. I am a bit upset my mother didn't tell me about this earlier, they found out last week.

What additional stuff can I get him to do to stop the cancer spreading, and to reduce trauma etc, from the operation. The mole/moles are on his back as far as I know. He is 80 years old, but he very open to alternative therapies however he wants it to be spoon fed to him, he will not do the research, but will read stuff I give him.

He has done the Jenson bowel cleanse before and parasite cleanses, but not for a few years. He eats a very healthy version of the SAD diet. Mostly vegetarian, a lot of raw foods and he doesn't drink or smoke, but used to. He is also very strong and looks 20 years younger than he is. He just rang me and basically said goodbye, he is so scared this is it for him, as the BLOODY DOCTORS said, that melomas will probably finish him off!!! GRRRR!!!! I want to wring their necks!!! I can hear it in his voice that he half believes them, and half believes me, that all their talk is crap..

Please tell me all therapies to do, no matter how extreme, or mild that will help him!

Thank you!!



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