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UPDATE: Day 22 of 30 by annap24 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   3/6/2006 11:33:55 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Good Morning All!

And how is everyone this lovely morning? I thought a little update was in order. One personís success is anotherís motivation. (Not that I am actually completed yet)

So I am still nauseous, but it is getting better. Or I am just getting used to it. Either way it isnít so bad. I also have lost all interest in chocolate and other foods.

Well, that isnít entirely true. I still have cravings for pizza. Is it normal to daydream about pizza constantly? Can they lock me up for that? And if they can, do they serve pizza at mental institutes?

I actually solved this little problem of mine. I have created a recipe for a healthier pizza. I make whole wheat dough from scratch and just add homemade sauce and goat cheese with basil and tomato. Now I can safely have pizza occasionally after my fast.

Next Wednesday I start my 7 days of juicing and broths. I am looking forward to that, however the way I feel about food right now I donít think I am going to do very well at first. I went grocery shopping for my daughter last night and just the sight of food made me queasy.

I donít really need to say much about my support system. My mom is still being negative. My dad isnít even acknowledging that I am fasting. My brother is still supportive. My best friend actually started her fast a few days ago and as far as I know she is still on it. : o)

I am officially sick of water. I warmed up a little lime water Sunday after church because I was just listless. That really did the trick. I donít have that often because I find it upsets the acids in my stomach. But I did need a boost.

I feel like I have a new perspective on things. Food, life, God. I have come to recognize that I am not powerless, and when God tells me to do something there is no more reason to say, ďbut I canít do it.Ē There is a definite reason why people fast to get closer to God. It reminds you that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. I am not meaning to offend anyone, but these are my experiences.

Oh, my eyes cleared up! I used to have the most beautiful eyes, and everyone commented on them. Well, my whites are white again and my eyes are sparkling. Hey, I can be a little vain every now and then right?

Okay weight loss to date is 28 pounds in 21 days. I will check again on Monday. For everyone who is having trouble with the day to day, just to let you know my weight loss yo-yos. I will lose nothing for a few days, then lose a bunch, or even lose a pound a day then three. It is not a set thing. I am just letting my body do what it is doing.

That is it for now. Good luck to all! I will keep you posted.

You can do it!



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