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UPDATE: Day 10 of 30 by annap24 ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   2/22/2006 11:33:16 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Good mornin!

I am on day 10!!!! I have made it 1/3 of the way. (In my best Dory voice) I Did it... No eating here tonight! No eating here tonight! :o)

I will say that I am getting weaker by the day.

This morning I felt very sick and weak. I did drink plenty yesterday. So I figured it was time for a bit of a boost. I made myself an Master-Cleanse drink with lime. I have only had 5oz of it, but it really helped me feel better.

My skin is soooo dry today. I think I will oil myself. In the bible it says to not show that you are on a fast, to put oil on your head and wash your face. I think I know what was meant now.

I think my family waits until I go on a fast to have a month long feast. Yesterday they bought a Kailua Cream Pie from Marie Calendars. They just happen to know that it is my favorite pie. My mother’s comment was “Your fast made me think of food.” Nice huh. I really just think that she is trying to make me stop. Every time I have seen her lately she is saying: Are you sure you don’t want to quit and eat something. First of all that is very dangerous. Secondly, NO!

Anyway I am doing pretty good. I wonder if I will have more energy eventually. I am still excited about this life change though.

I made a menu plan for my first week after I can start eating normally again. It consists of mostly healthy vegetarian dishes. I added a little fish and a little poultry to a couple of days. I know I still have like a month and a half before I am there, but I wanted to get a head start. I don’t like sitting and doing nothing, and that is exactly what it feels like I am doing.

I will update on my weight loss on Monday again. See ya tomorrow.



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