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Date:   4/3/2005 10:11:39 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Here is the first part of it:

Why Doctors Are Recommending Isagenix...

"The Isagenix Fat Burning System has proven to be a remarkable health-promoting nutritional program. Doctors often advise their patients to lose weight but have only marginally effective pharmaceuticals with a multitude of potentially toxic side effects.
With Isagenix, the weight loss is the beneficial side effect that naturally occurs when road blocks to healing are removed and the nutritional building blocks are provided that allow our bodies to perform as they are designed-that is, to heal from within. Anyone interested in wellness needs to follow an Isagenix cleansing cycle every quarter just as they would change their automobile's oil and filters for optimal efficiency.
Between cleansing cycles, the Isagenix daily supplements provide all the highest quality vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants (many of which most physicians are not even aware of yet) and adaptogenic herbs that a person would need for optimal health."

Bryan Turner, D.V.M., M.D.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Why Isagenix For Life?

Jay Williams, Ph.D. author of "The 24 Hour Turnaround: The Formula for Permanent Weight Loss, Anti-aging, and Optimal Health-Starting Today!"
Toxins in the body AND the loss of natural hormones coincide with weight gain, aging and nearly every age-related health problem.
Isagenix products promote - Cleanse, Replenish, Revitalize - turning your health status around immediately and modifying the metabolism with natural herbs and supplements.
Long-term, you want your family to use these products for health, anti-aging and long term weight loss success. We also need the protection that antioxidants provide because of our environment, the foods we eat, and the daily stress we are under. The Isagenix Antioxidant formula is, in my opinion, the best available. Research is showing that women need hormonal support especially during peri-menopause and menopause. Men need even more hormonal support because of the daily stresses they encounter. The ingredients in the Men's and Women's Essentials formulas are all natural and encourage the body to be in hormonal balance.

Jay Williams Ph.D.-Author
Kohala Coast, Hawaii


We were introduced to Isagenix products in January of this year. My husband and I had just gotten married, and a friend of his introduced us to the products. We decided to try Isagenix, and after we went through the cleanse, we were very happy with the tremendous results! We are already very physically fit, but even then, after 9 days on the program we felt 15 years younger. We noticed immediately that we sleep much more soundly and we have more energy throughout the day.
I began talking with everyone who crossed my path, and I have been finding that up to 98% of the people I talk with either want to try the product immediately or they want more information.
Having the force of passion behind me as I share my experiences with other people about Isagenix is the engine of my success. In order to maximize my success, I take my printed marketing materials and business cards with me everywhere I go. There is always a new opportunity to share my enthusiasm about Isagenix each and every day! Just yesterday, I had gone to get my car washed. While I was waiting for my car, I noticed the lady at the cash register was yawning. She looked exhausted. I told her how toxins in our society are rampant and how I have found a unique program that cleanses our bodies to make us feel better than we have in years. Once she heard my story, she signed up as a distributor.

I always focus on cleansing more than weight loss. I almost never share the weight loss benefits of Isagenix first. I will tell new people I meet that Isagenix products often can help people lose potentially a considerable amount of weight, but I focus on the cleanse first because close to 100% of our population needs to rid themselves of toxins.
When I sign someone up to try the product, I like to share with them what they might feel like while they are on the program. I tell them that especially while they are on the Tropical or Berry cleansing drink, especially during the first two days they might not feel their best because their body is ridding itself of toxins. I tell them that after 1 to 3 days, they will almost certainly be feeling 100% better than they have ever felt.
I always suggest the customer teams up with their significant other to go through the experience together. I joke with them that it is much easier to not have their partner eating greasy pizza or jelly donuts while they are trying to cleanse and lose weight. This way I can recommend that they purchase 2 complete systems to get started. It is an incredible technique that is very effective for me.
I was fortunate to win the $5000.00 grand prize for the contest Isagenix was sponsoring, but I am confident you will see that much of my success comes from the way I feel. Being passionate about a dynamic opportunity like Isagenix ensures success!
-Dr. Becky Natrajan M.D.

Editors Note: Becky and her husband Danny are leading by example having personally enrolled over 60 new members since January.

Becky Natrajan M.D.
Phoenix AZ

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