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Re: I fell off the wagon by jaaynee ..... Fasting for Weight Loss Forum

Date:   3/9/2005 12:39:06 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I think what we have to remember is that fasting it not a religion. You dont have to follow certian rules and obey them to the letter. Fasting is a training process. We train ourselves to wean ourselves off of bad habits. We train our body to seek other comforts than food. We train our minds to live a more simpler life and that food is not the enemy but a nourishment for our precious bodies. We learn what things trigger our cravings and what things drain our emotions and engery. We learn how to deal with stress in different ways other than reaching for the numbing feeling of being full. Its a process, and the benifits are incredible.

The past few weeks I have learned a few things while fasting. I have learned somethings enable my bad habits. When I get home what is the first thing that Most people do? I do it too... switch on the tv. and veg! I learned that I use watching tv as an excuse to relax after a hard day but in reality I know that I make this excuse up. I learned that watching tv and eating goes hand in hand with me. Its a source of hypostress (not having enough Good stress) and leads to boredom, restlessness, and/or Depression and the feeling that I am not accomplishing anything.

I would watch about 3-4 hours a day and if I wasnt watching I would have it on anyway. I calculated the time I watched tv and It turns out that 3 hrs a day for a yr equals to almost 46 full (24hr) days a yr!!!! That freaked me out! what wonderful things that I could do with an extra 45 days in a yr! How many wonderful walks I could take, books I could read, phone calls I could make to people I say I dont have time for... amazing...

Anyone else learn anything while fasting?

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