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Re: Fasting diet and doctor Delio Esteve by John Cullison ..... Vegetarian Forum

Date:   7/10/2002 12:33:57 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dr. Clark also recommends drinking milk -- about 3/4 liter per day -- in order to get calcium.

It seems strange to me, however. Cows seem to get all the calcium they need to not only build their own bone structure, but also to fortify milk for the rest of their (un)natural lives, solely through vegetarian eating.

What's the difference? Should we eat grass or silage like the cows do to get enough calcium?

Let's take a look, however, at the Standard American Diet. This includes lots of carbonated beverages -- lately, the average America drinks more soda than plain old water. The national, name brand colas all contain phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid, as you may have noticed, is recommended for its ability to help soften gall stones. Why? Because it leeches calcium.

Note that it doesn't care where it leeches calcium from -- your bones, your nerves, your gall stones...

What about high protein consumption? Protein is nothing more than chains of amino acids, which the body breaks down using various enzymes into its component amino acids. Some of these acids like to bond to minerals including, you guessed it, calcium.

This is another potential case of "needing to eat something because we eat something". Interestingly, if you eat animal flesh, you probably need to eat animal *bone*, too, to make sure that the protein your eating doesn't eat away at your own bones.

It's little wonder that osteoporosis is on the rise.



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