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Re: 10,000 People Poisoned By Amalgam by #162912 ..... Newsletters: Educating Instead of Medicating

Date:   5/24/2005 10:37:20 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Dr. Jochen Kulow
Subject: Re: 10,000 People Poisoned By Amalgam

amalgam discussion is on for years now here in germany.
Well mercury is known to have toxic effects. And thats why we in germany
have a fully legal drug against mercury poisoning.

To the filling i can state the following. Doing Amalgam removements for
years it is true that Amalgam move into the tooth. you can see enormous
black areas under the filling when not placed with underfilling. So
Amalgams are active fillings and they are of course loosing mercury.

I also have a lot of people having problems with dental amalgams. Using
Applied Kinesiology you can test the bodies reaction to Amalgam. Doing
special type of acupuncture I can also verify by that method.

Also it is true, when you search for mercury poisoning by dental amalgam
norwegian dental schools are the world leader in publications for this
issue. They have proven more then once that mercury blood level
correlates with number of filling. They also showed that students of
dentistry had more then doubled their blood levels of mercury after one
week of special Amalgam filling course.

To me its obvious that amalgam looses mercury and is also intoxicating
the dentist. Because of that I only remove dental amalgam with special
face mask and HGP3 filters by 3M, which are only produced in the US.
Expensive, ok, but my health is worth more than that.

I do those anti-amalgam treatments for years and I can report that most
patients feel much better without amalgam inoxication. I do
detoxification for myself on an permanent basis. And I can report the
same effects.

I know that amalgam is a perfect filling material but I also know that
admitting amalgam is toxic would cause huge costs for insurances in the
whole world.

To me the amalgam discussion is about MONEY not about HEALTH.


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