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A question for your husband ... by Spirit ..... Acne Forum

Date:   5/20/2004 4:15:17 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I have a question for your husband:

Do you drive a car? Do you know anything about cars? Have you ever been inside a car?

I suppose the answer is Yes.

What would you do, when, while driving a car, a red light switches on, a little red lamp on your control screen.
It sometimes looks like a drop of oil!? Sometimes, it is just a text lighting red, text saying "OIL!"

You have 3 options:

Option 1: You don't do anything.

Option 2: You take a hammer and you smash the control screen and you destroy that stupid & annoying read light.

Option 3: You add some oil to the engine, (in the appropriate place, appropriate amount, appropriate engine oil, as described in user manual.)

You see,
using anti-fungal cream and Antibiotic ointment from Walmart to treat impetigo infection is like using a hammer to switch the red light on the control screen of your car.

Now, please don't tell me you have choose option 2? You did?

Oh my good, you don't know nothing about cars, do you?

Hammer will work, but, for how long time will you be able to drive that car? What do you think?
You don't know. Ask anyone who knows anything about cars.

Impetigo is only a symptom of the real problem.
Impetigo skin infection is a red light. RED light, trying to tell you that your body needs some good oil!
Light is trying to tell you that your body needs better care!
Needs liver flush!
Needs better food! Better oil! GOOD FOOD! GOOD WATER!

Sure, body is a little more complicated then a car ... so just oil may not be enough to switch off the read light(impetigo).

If you neglect that red light(impetigo), and you smash it with the hammer ( Antibiotics ), you body will suffer (especially your liver, and your intestines, cause liver and intestines are your main engine!).

Enjoy your Antibiotics treatment! It is a great way to destroy the red light! How lucky we are that we have such powerfull medications that are able to switch of the red light.


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