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Date:   2/25/2006 8:46:08 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Dear finallyfaith,

This is nice, hearing a man's view of it all. I appreciate your insights about why looking is natural!

There is a clear difference in my head, between 2 activities: swiveling one's head to watch a lass walk by, versus (just for a general example) logging on to an internet p 0 r n site to the degree that computer viewing jeopardizes a relationship, health, or job.

When I'm walking down the street with a guy, it seems fine when he swivels around saying Wow, look there! (This applies equally to my gay guy friends. We have fun watching the fellows go by.) It can actually whet their appetite and appreciation for the sweetie waiting at home.

I don't remember the details, but apparently St. Anthony, one of the earliest Christian desert fathers who spent years in the desert, was walking down a street with a group of monks. A beautiful woman who was known to be the mistress of a powerful man came by on horseback wearing pretty much nothing but her jewelry and ankle-length hair. Afterwards Father Anthony turned to the monks and asked whether they had paid attention to the woman. They hadn't; they pretty much kept their eyes to themselves. But Anthony had never seen a sight like it! He said "But didn't you rejoice in her beauty? I did, Brothers. My eyes rejoiced to look upon her." Then he started to weep, saying "If only I had that woman's devotion. She has done everything to appeal to her lover, and what have I done to adorn my soul before God?"

So, being actively open and alert and alive and aware of the beauties of life feels very nice to me. What concerns me is when a company, for profit, distills and bottles these images (with some airbrushing perhaps?) and flashes them at people in such a way that the viewer becomes passive, and LESS responsive to the beauty and connection all around him or her.

This is just to say that I wish for more enjoyment and connection for us all.



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