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Re: Thanks, but.. by kathryn101 ..... Weight Loss Forum

Date:   12/6/2005 6:53:36 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Now don't have to say 'where' you live...but is there any chance
you are near Western Ky? One of the very best endocronologist in the country is
in Benton, Ky.

Without saying too much...what part of the country are you in? I'll try to help
you find a good doctor...I don't want you locked in the bathroom crying and giving
up hope because of what you've been through...

But in the you have any IODINE? Just that plain old red stain
iodine in the medicine cabinet...if you do...when you're ready for bed tonight...
paint just a little of that on the bottoms of both feet...right through the middle..paint a patch about foot width and about 4 inches long...doesn't have to
be real heavy...just paint that on there. Try that for a few can do it
again when you get up. Always put warm socks on over the iodine.

ALso do the reflexology for your thyroid...right where your big toes connect to your foot is the point for the thyroid. Massage each of those a slow
deep massage for a few minutes on each one...wait a little while and do it again.
I have had really good results with reflexology. So please try that and also the
iodine...let me know how it goes. And keep that chin up...You can turn this just have to make your mind up and do it...with or without a good
doctor. keep me posted....kathryn


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