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Date:   12/6/2005 5:21:54 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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be a downer here---but I cut out Sugar for lent last year and didn't drop 1 pound. I also belong to Curves and go faithfully 5 times per week and I also walk/run on my treadmill 6 days per week (curves in am, treadmill in pm) and I eat 1200 calories and have gained 6 pounds since joining Curves (3 months). I also drink water, water, water (and nothing else--no coffee, tea or sodas). I also don't eat any artificial sweeteners or products with it included. No white bread, cereal or pasta.

I am obese, so you would think that cutting out Sugar and doing what I do above would make me lose. Just a pound would be nice, something to show that this plan works. I've been to Dr.'s that state eat less and move more---it doesn't work. I stuck to Atkins faithfully for 1 year---I lost 7 pounds. Most people lose that in 4 days on Atkins.

So it goes to show that even though it works for most people, it doesn't for all.

I am very frustrated, discouraged and frankly pee'd off. Then we have all the disbelievers, the Dr's, etc. I just wish I could find a dietician that would help me (her final words were "sorry, I don't know what else to tell you")---gee, that's enlightening. I lost 1/2 pound (in 3 months) with her eat less/move more theory.

Good luck to all of you that follow that plan, I hope it works for you :)


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