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Re: can partnership = love and work? by krupaclassy ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   9/10/2004 9:31:32 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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He may be more honest than you expect. It's like with my mom. Asking for help when there's simply too much housework to et down is one thing but asking when there's another reason is completely different. She gets stubborn and insists tht she can d everything with no help! Of course I know that that means she'll be exhausted and sick, but her pride keeps her from taking help. It's the same with this situation. It's one thing for you to help when it's just keeping up with demnand/time constrants but it's another when the work is for a specific goal. For many (men mostly, but women fit here too) it's something to do with being the provider. My dad's a good example. He refused to do layaway for things. (of course my mom usually agreed) But then it was for a prom dress for me. It was burgandy red and made of velvet, I fell in love with it. He gave in and did layaway and surprised me. All that time it was stubborn pride. "If I can't buy it out right I can't buy it at all!" Then he bent a little and it wasn't so awful! It's the same for your guy. He wants to provide the money for the goals and show how well he can provide. It's as much a product of love as it is stubborn pride. For him, this IS different. But he might be like my dad and suddenly bend. Just hang in there, pride is a hard bolder to move!

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