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Hives and Liver Cleansing by CB ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   5/25/2002 1:02:37 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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I read Whitneay's plea about help for the hives she has been experiencing since doing liver cleansing. I was wondering how she is getting on.

I have been doing Liver Cleanses for a year, 3 last Spring and then 4 before Christmas. During the ones I did around Christmas, I started getting hives on the backs of my legs, I wasn't sure what it was from, and they disappeared a few weeks after the last cleanse.

This Spring I started a nutritional supplement program and homeopathy drops for detoxification of chemicals and candida. Three weeks into the program I started getting hives, and have had them every day and night since then. I read Agnes' comments in response to Whitneay's problems and started with two Liver Cleanses two days apart and stepped up the coffee enemas I'd been taking to two a day from one every other day or so, I had already stopped taking the homeopathy drops two weeks ago now, and then the vit/min supplements last weekend, I had been juicing, and yesterday stopped that too. I'm concerned that my liver isn't working properly, because I'm swelling up at times, I blew up balloons last Sunday and my lips swelled to three times their normal size, I think from the dusty chemicals on the outside of the balloons! My eye lids are swelling up at strange times, and various parts of my face, the hives can start as tiny pin pricks and then begin to look like bites ending up as great welts any place where my clothes touch me, or they can be like rashes and bumps in all the fat cells in my legs, I seem to be going through a whole range of things. My skin is now so dry. The hives seem to be coming out now every time I eat, no matter what I eat. Those ones start under the skin on my face, neck and ears. I get really edgy from the caffeine in the coffee enemas and am really having times coping with all of this and my job and household. I'm nearly at my wits end, although I do sleep at night even with the itchy hives, thank goodness! One thing I have just started yesterday is drinking Bentonite clay, psyllium husk and aloe vera and apple juice shaken together (my own concoction that seems to be following some intuitive thinking). I just don't know what to eat anymore! Have you any advice for me?

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