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Re: Schizophrenia--Best Zapper?? Please Help! by vtool ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   12/7/2005 6:10:24 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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You should FIRST get some tests done. A general "zap" will NOT "cure" nor "treat" or help in any way a condition where the body is creating kryptopyrroles. This disease is characterized by large amounts of mauve factor “malvaria,” but Dr. Pfeiffer later gave it the more appropriate term pyrolleuria. IN SHORT, you need to get a SIMPLE URINE TEST FIRST - kryptopyrroles. If your body is producing this LSD like substance, it will SHOW in your urine, and NO AMOUNT of ZAPPING in all the world or electromedicine, will CURE this. So get this test FIRST. Second problem is, almost NO MEDICAL Doctors KNOW about this, nor do psychiatrists. This is the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer, for over 50 years in Canada, and he had a simple, inexpensive treatment for this condition. Read more about that, if you wish, in the link I promise you, 99% of the time, YOU will have to EDUCATE YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR about THIS ONE!!! And after that "education", you may have to take him by the hand, as I did, and search for this simple URINE TEST in the clinic's lab book or "order book" of lab tests. In my personal case, WE couldn't find it, and I had to go to another city and to an "INDEPENDENT LAB" to find this test. Of course, I had to get my "medical doctor's" prescription to give them, and they wouldn't do the test, as my doctor's lab didn't have an "account with them". Good luck with this... there is ONE heck of a fight to keep this knowledge, and accessibility SECRET & SUPPRESSED.

Now, if you have the stealth virus or LATENT VIRAL form of "TB" or Tuberculosis, which 1/3 of the world's population DOES (according to researchers/scientists), you will need a radionics saliva test from Dr. Richard Loyd to detect the presence of this stealth virus. This viral form of TB alone, can cause shizoaffective disorder, or symptomology of schizophrenia. In that case, you would need a year or more of daily frequency specific treatments to eliminate this, or the Beck protocols, of which I am currently working on in my own treatment regimen.

There could be other parasites or pathogens involved with such a disorder, and each case may be unique. Your research into electromedicine is just beginning, but to use a zapper intelligently or with success, one must "know" what the true source of their "trouble" is. Don't count on your local medical doctor, or inferior medical tests (including most blood tests) to be able to help you with these more problematic disorders and challenges to your health. I know from witness and first hand experience. I used to work with the mentally ill for many years as administrative assistant to a care facility... I have taken more "mentally ill" people to doctors and psychiatrists, and managed their care than most people will ever see in a lifetime.

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