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Eczema is sooooo depressing. by Pimplicious ..... Eczema Forum

Date:   9/29/2004 4:23:05 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My life story.

Diagnosed from 6 months of age as having atopic eczema all over my body,very allergic to certain nuts and most seafood. Prescribed steroid creams to treat problems with little sucess, while having outbreaks here and there as a kid, my eczema was always pretty good all things considered right up to my current age of 26. However the dry skin that has accompanied eczema is the downfall on my life, it's wrecked my external appearance quite significantly and i'm quite depressed over it but trying to stay positive. Negative thoughts will get you nowhere! Around the age of 16 i got quite sick, my immune system got quite low and went to hospital for stomach pains, very severe stomach pains which i'd get after eating food sometimes. 2 weeks later and 100 tests later, couldnt find a thing and was referred to a psychiatrist for an eating dissorder.

Started getting anxiety attacks around this time not that i knew what an anxiety attack was, tried explaining it to my mother and various so called medical experts but all i recieved back was funny looks. The best way i could describe it was my brain started fealing hot and sweaty and i got a clammy fealing and i felt like i was trapped in something and had to break free.. ok wierd i know, but thats how i felt. That went undiagnosed to..

6 years later with a very pathetic social life due to not fealing well 95% of the time, my skin going thru periods of extremely looking bad to dry chronic dryness, a very bad diet of consuming way to much junk food and soft drink and staying at home 95% of the time i suffered a very bad flare up of my stomach pains, went to hospital in a taxi and was diagnosed quickly by a doctor it was gall stones. He said i had a 50/50 chance of living!

Ok so i had my gall bladder removed, felt quite alot better, skin improved quite a bit, got a job, got a girlfriend, things looked up, skin still sucked though but hey not much i could do about it. Started drinking alcahol accessively and consuming so much soft drink, i could of become a poster boy for coke. Moved in with my girlfriend, things got heated between us more and more as things were not going so well and my stress levels went through the roof. Ended up packing my things one day while she was at work, left and never looked back. Continued my atrociously bad diet and part-time alcaholism and meetimg bad women up until the end of last year when i said to myself enough is enough. Quit drinking, gambling(yeah i know, bad!) and soft drink. At work one day, i said to my work mate is my skin bad, as i just needed an honest outside perspective and i know hes honest, his reply was, "your skin looks pink, but when you get hot, turns red, looks ugly". Needless to say that was the point i really turned into a vain person i guess as i quit my job shortly after, stayed home 98% of the time and am scimming the internet most days looking for ways to become healthy! I'm so unhealthy it sux :( Eczema is a complete bane to my life, it may have ruined my facial skin, that is sooooooo depressing but i'm not giving up, not now, not ever. I'll do what i takes to find a cure.

So this year from jan, i quit using steroid creams completely and started using sailylic acid which helped somewhat to relieve dryness. Moved onto a chinese websites claims 'demodex mites are the cure of my skin problems' and began using their products. Given that a rest for time being although i did see some improvement and am currently trying apple cider cinegar 100% on my face and consuming it woth raw organic honey in a drink 2x a day. Been on zoloft too 1/2 tablet day 50mg for the anxiety and thats helped quite alot, no anxiety attack in 1-2 months.

My currrent skin problems apart from internal problems are majorly dry skin coupled with infections here and there which never seem to heal. My facial skin looks ok under certain lighting but like for example outside under normal lighting my skin downright sucks, looks scarred from the eczema. Pink looking with scarred looking skin all over, not as bad as it sounds but bad enough for me to not want to go out in public.

Dunno how i ever landed woman looking back at my past, my skin/health problems have made me somewhat socially innept and as far my internal complaints go, that sux too! lol

At least my anxiety attacks have died down, i have to admit there is no worse fealing then getting one of those.

One more thing, my skin gets hot when im in social situations, totally invoulantry.

One question, Doc said to me that my skin damage is most likely permanant, is that true? :( and (ok 2 questions!) can steroid creams being used long term damage the skin to a point where it is not reversable? :(

Also ive oredered the fungus link volume 1 and 2 from

And another book from ..

I'm trying to learn!


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