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Re: Totally confused about zappers. For #31798 by ParaZapper ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   11/10/2005 10:59:10 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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>- if there's any power comming through after you've run it through your abdomin then you are definately getting the parasites right?

There are some limitations:

1) 30 kHz rarely successfully affects parasites in the internal organs but 2.5 kHz seems to be fairly effective.

2) 2.5 kHz seems to be very effective when using any of the ParaZapper products with CCa technology included along with the copper footpads.

3) The copper footpads appear to increase the success of other zappers that have a strong enough output to power them.

>- I mean parasites don't need a lot of voltage in order to die!

It is probably not just the voltage that matters.

I look at it this way:

Many of the younger people on this forum probably do not remenber but back in the 60's and 70's several of the family entertainment show invited a singer who was known to break wine glasses with her voice. There is a new record holder today.

Very few singers can accomplish this. You have to hit the exact right tone, but not only this, you have to do it loud enough. Basically, you have to provide enough power at the right frequency to do the job right.

So when you come down to it, it is the Power that kills the parasites. P=EI according to ohms law ( power = voltage times the current ) so both voltage and current combine to produce the desired results.

If you observe the video that I produced ParaZapper killing Protozoa you will see that the protozoa were completely oblitterated and while not shown, this took about 6 minutes with ParaZapper CCa. I ran the same test with some other less expensive zapper ( no name mentioned because I have offended enough people here ) and the results were not good. First, it took the cheap zapper 9 minutes to kill the protozoa so it makes me wonder if 7 minutes is enough for that particular zapper. Second, the protozoa were not destroyed. While they appeared dead and lifeless, they were still visible and could be identified. I did not continue to watch to see if any revived.


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