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Re: I don't believe advice to NOT do a cleanse while stones blocked by UserX ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/17/2002 6:35:37 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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> I do not believe in the advice to NOT do a gallbladder cleanse while stones are in a blocked state.


When I suggest to somone that he/she should/shoud-not do the flush, I do what I feel is right, not what I think is right.

I follow my feelings, my intuition, not my thoughts or experience.

That is why I may give different answer to 2 differnt people asking the same question, or I may even give different answer to the same person asking the same question, just few weeks later.

My estimations are not only based on information I got from your message, my estimations are based on what I feel about you in the moment of writing my message.

You remember, when you contacted me the first time, I suggested to you to do flush, even though you were pregnant.
I felt that moment that it is right.
While I was writing a message to you, I din't feel any fear, I wasn't concerned, I was confident. I knew things will go ok with you.

If someone else asks the same question, I will again use my feelings, not my experience.

Every person is different! Every situation is different. Using experience does not help! There are no rules!

My intuition sometimes teels me that some people should not flush while having an attack. I hope this helps.

I always try to follow my feelings. And,... feelings never follow rules.

Celia, keep cleansing, and hold us informed.
Your messages are of gerat importance for this forum, because you are giving courage to other scared people.

"If pregnant and nursing mother can do it, then what am I affraid of?"

Thank you for sharing your flush experiences with us.



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