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Norwegian Food Administration banned Olive Oil Today by UserX ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/16/2002 7:40:16 PM ( 21 years ago ago)
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This (old)news from Norway may be of general interest.
Olive oil is "suppose" to be one of most healthiest oils.

Norwegian Food Administration banned Olive-Oil Today
09.August, 2001

Norwegian Food Administration (SNT) baneed import, sale and use of "Olive Oil" in all food products.

Norwegian Food Administration (SNT) warned consumers against Olive-Oil imported from Spain earlier this summer. Today, they banned all oils sold under name "Olive Oil" or "Mild Olive Oil". These are the most common used and sold "Olive Oil" in Norway.
It has been used in Food Industry for many years.

Olive Oil has been marketed in Norway as "Heart-friendly" fat.
Norway also produces "Olivero Margarin" (hydrogenated Olive Oil) which have been marketed as "Heart-friendly" margarin.
You have to be very stupid to belive that "Hydrogenated Olive Oil" is better then Butter or any other Margarin produced from Hydrogenated Oils.

This ban does not cover oil brands called "Extra Virgine Olive Oil ", " Virgine Olive Oil " or "Cold Pressed Olive Oil", "Organic Virgine Olive Oil " or any other combination of words "Organic" ,"Virgin", "Olive Oil", "Extra Virgine".

Most oils imported to Norway under name "Olive Oil" or "Mild Olive Oil" have been produced from leftovers, and production proces involves heating oils to high temeperatures.

Scientist ponts that cancer causing chemicals are produced while oils are heated.
Cancer causing chemicals have been discovered in all brands of Oilve Oil that have been produced from leftovers.

Concentration of Cancer Causing chemicals in some oils have been found to be 50 to 100 times higher then what is allowed for food.

Norway is the first country to ban use of "Olive Oil".
Norway have also disclosed its analyses and findings to European unlon (EU).
It is expected that EU folows Norwegian Example. ( ? Well, it will take some time...maybe even very long time, considering how ling it took to ban import of meat from UK ...)

The amont of Cancer Causing chemicals is not high enough to cause acute poisoning, scientists report, but repeated use is suppose to be dangerous for health.

From now on, Norwegian Food Administration (SNT) will be closely watching and checking import of all brands of "Olive Oil".

"Extra Virgine Olive Oil" is "Suppose" to be "expeller-pressed" , "Non-Heated", and without any other additives.
It is suppose to be from first pressing.
"Virgine Olive Oil" is "Suppose" to be "expeller-pressed" , "Non-Heated", and without any other additives, from second pressing.

I said "Suppose" because those oils are more expensive then "Olive Oil" and there will always be producers and distributors who will try to cheat.

"Olive Oil" is produced in more complicated process that involves higher heat, and partial refining.


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