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what foods will prevent.. stop gallstone formation, flush length by alan ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/15/2002 9:49:34 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Also besides the diet portion, why do some people accumulate som many stones and others just have a few? What causes this big production difference? I think that even if two people had the same diet, one would be what is making this disparity.

The liver and gall ducts in the body are in thousands. It is said that one takes 12-14 years to clean them out. I read that each flush only cleans out one duct at a time which would mean you need a thousand flushes or more to totally clear everything out. One the other hand, people seem to clean out after a few dozen flushes which suggests that the flush acts on many ducts simultaneously, it might spread out the oil on all the ducts that can fill up.....I have read that people can produce a few to hundreds of stones in a few days or weeks.

Some people have been free or get no stones on the flush...does this mean the liver is fine and all the organs? I don't think that two dozen flushes would be enough.. There are factors that prevent getting stones out.. maybe the diet is toxic or the protocol is not followed. Zapping, parasite, bowel cleans are important in allowing the stones out. It could be pollutants and chemicals which prevent aduquate flushing. Anything not natural could interfere and make a faulty sign that the liver is cleanse.

Foodwise, what are all the products that contribute to gallstone formation...and even if a person does not eat them..could they develop?

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