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Re: Sorry but I believe in the DIRP by Stephan2 ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   4/11/2005 12:26:18 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I would love to take a look at the DIRP scan files from people that also have an F-Scan2 together with their interpretation.

Yes, I have read, e.g. posts from 'vtool' that sounded incredible, that is why I made the decision to buy it and test it. I am interested in a device that can detect these resonances.

I wish I could post images of the graphs here.

Then, again, I said that maybe my F-Scan isn't picking anything up because I am 'so healthy'? It should pick up something, e.g., I had herpes zoster (face) about 19 years ago. The bugs should be still around, but the F-Scan2 isn't pick it up, why? I didn't want to do another scan, but I did a scan between 700 and 1000 Hz, since the F-Scan2 manual listed Rife frequency at 880, 802, 787 and 727 Hz. I was curious if the DIRP picked something up. The scan showed four broad features centered arouind 725, 825, 900 and 990 Hz. Not exactly the right frequencies, except for 725 and maybe 880?

Then I did a scan using resistors: the scan showed almost exactly the same features, only the amplitudes were higher but that I could have easily corrected with a slightly different divider network.

So, where is the 'previous medical history'? The F-Scan2 only showed noise that it generated by itself! So I scanned the Clark frequency for herpes zoster at 418kHz. Here some peaks did not show up in the resistor network scan that showed up in the scan using my hands. I repeated one resistor network scan and the same inconsistancy was seen, some peaks showed up in one scan but not in the other and viz-versa, also the amplitudes changed considerably.

I stay with my conclusion that the F-Scan does not detect the history of illnesses but produces random features until I find proof or someone could show me reproducible scans with features that won't show with a resistive network!


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