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Did I have a bad Herxheimer reaction from scanning?? by Stephan2 ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   4/10/2005 11:28:13 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Dear 2tuff,

I am not disputing the effectiveness of the therapy mode, which is like a regular Rife frequency generator.

I want to tell you and the forum what happened with me in the last few weeks while experimenting with my own scanner version (which also didn't work) and with the F-Scan2.

I started with the soundboard output from my laptop amplified that a little and tried to see if I could detect small changes in the impedance as a function of frequency. I bought two short pieces of copper tubing from a local hardware store and cleaned them with ketchup to remove the tarnish of the pipes.

I passed a sweeping frequency through these handelectrodes and did this a few times, since I was trying various approaches to detect those minute changes in impedance. Well there is a large change in impedance due to the fact that the interface hand-to-copper pipe resembles a combination of a resistor (about 20k Ohms) and a capacitance that is of the order or 1-2 pF per square cm. The impedance therefore changes naturally with frequency. So that was the first difficulty. I wanted to build a circuit that differentially detects the change in currents at slightly different frequncies but my crude set-up wasn't able to detect that. What I could see was noise from the soundboard!

I started experimenting with that two weeks ago over the weekend. That next morning on Monday I started having diarea. I thought that I must have eliminated something in my intestine simply by scanning! I did experiment a little more during the week. Then the following Friday something strange happened:

Our dog was digging in the yard and her paws were all muddy. I was upset, since I had to go to work and bring my son to the YMCA. So I carried her into the bathroom and washed her paws. Thereby I was very close with my face to her coat. When I arrived at my office I started itching on my throat and cheeks. I wondered if I got an allergic reaction from her ferr especially since my face was irritated from having shaved. Then I started sneezing. It started something that looked like symptoms of an allery - which I had never before in my whole life (just turned 50). I went to my homoeopathic doctor and she found also an infection. And I noticed that besides a lot of slime coming from my nose and what I coughed up there was some mucus.

Last Friday evening I got the F-Scan2 and immediately started to experiment with it that night and on Saturday. Saturday night I didn't sleep well, I coughed a lot. Then I continued experimenting and scanning yesterday on Saturday, I scanned a lot! Towards the evening my allergic reaction increased - I was almost constantly coughing. I thought I might have a Herxheimer reaction that has been reported a lot on this and other forums.

Last night I slept even less. I got up early in the morning around 5:30 am and took a hot bath with apple cider - my doctor recommended that. That gave some relieve and I went back to bed.

Two hours later I woke up - it was 8 am. I started getting out of my bed, then suddenly: I COULD NOT BREATH!! My airpath collapsed - I paniked. I tried breathing through my nose and that worked, fortunately. It wasn't an astma attack, I could breath fine through the nose, something in my throat collapsed when I tried breathing through my mouth. That was scary, I really thought for a moment that I could die! I will go to the hospital - although I don't like allopathic medicine but in these emergencies they have things that do work. Also I want to know what caused the blockage in my upper airpath.

So, what I wanted to get accross here is that the F-Scan2 DOES work somewhere, I now assume that just scanning (and I scanned all the way from 500 Hz to 1 MHz) does something. I might have had a bad Herxheimer reaction this morning that collapsed my air path. I will be more careful from now on and stop scanning for a while until I am through this.

This might have not anything to do with the scanning and was just coincidental, who knows? Time will tell.

I do believe that people got well using the F-Scan2, there is too much evidence of this posted here on the forum. I only doubt that it is because of its DRIP function that detected these frequencies. As I offered, I can give you and others my Excel spreadsheets where you can see for yourself graphs of scans with my body and with a resitor network (just two resistors as a voltage divider, the center tap goes to the sensing contact of the finger electrode). They look identical within their statistical variations. I think I can convert the Excel spreadsheets into Adobe Acrobat readable form, in case someone doesn't have Excel on their computer.

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