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Sodium Potassium Pump, Lymphatic System by Stephan2 ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   12/24/2004 3:50:29 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi all!

I would like to add some info on the so-called 'sodium-potassium' pump. Please visit Dr. Gilbert Ling's web site He wrote several books on that subject and in his own research he discovered that the protein in the living cell itself is responsible for maintaining a high potassium concentration in the cell. His book 'Life at the cell and below cell level' is an eye-opener for anyone seriously interested in this subject, I am reading it. I am not so familiar with biology but this book is fantastic, it has detailed information with a large glossary that allows someone from a different field or even a layperson to read and understand this research.

I think that Dr. Ling's discoveries are of utmost importance and that he deserves the Nobel Price. He also shows what the difference in a living and dead cell is.

His research is well appreciated at the Gerson Research Organization (remember Dr. Gerson treated cancer patients back in the '30s with a low-sodium, high-potassium vegetarian diet):

There is a great link between low-sodium, high potassium diet and health since that is what the cell is trying to maintain.

This info might be slightly off-topic, but I added this post since someone had trouble with sodium in his diet and there was a concern using the violet beam device when there was a sodium deficiency. I am also interested in using the best electrolyte supplements, but maybe staying on a proper vegetarian diet is the best answer to that as one forum member 'MH' pointed out.

Understanding the fundamental processes in the cell might also elucidate further developments in Rife technology. Proper levels of electrolytes in the body can also enhance the efficiency of Rife devices as I remember reading in the literature.

One more insight is the importance of supporting the lymphatic system. I came across the late Dr. Samuel C. West web site and his research ties in with Dr. Ling's and Dr. Gerson's. Someone using a zapper or Rife machine should probably buy a good 3' trampoline (gentle rebounding of the device, meaning good spring design is important) and exercise frequently to move his lymphatic liquids, since it is this system that removes toxins from your cells! Therefore, Dr. West's book 'The golden five plus one' is a must read.

Maybe I should also post this message on another forum? Suggestions?

All the best wishes to you that seek health and truth and want to share your experiences and knowledge with others.



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