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Date:   9/1/2004 10:51:06 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have/did have Hypoglycemia!

I was diagnosed only a few months ago, but had been noticing the symptoms for over a year and it had gotten really bad, to the point where if I had Sugar or Carbs, after up to a half hour,(depending how much and what kind) I would almost go unconscience -Get really tired and not be able to talk, see, walk or hear straight. I got to controling it by a good diet and was doing good, but slowly I got back onto my old junk diet and began to get my symptoms back right away (over a couple of weeks I noticed them again). I had been reading in Hulda Clark s book, "The cure for all deseases" and she didn't say anything about Hypoglysemics, but she did say that when she tested Diebetics there was always found Wood Alcohol and some kind of intestinal fluke/ parasite (I cannot remember which one or what it was called), but she said that the fluke/ parasite could not live in your pancreas if you did not have Wood Alcohol in your system. Also, that the fluke/ parasite was really easy to get back, (which would explain why I have had come-and-goes) because it is carried by animals like cats and dogs...

I hadn't eaten yet one day and was feeling awful, (possibly coming down with some nasty virus) so, I dicided to Zap (I built my zapper a coulple of years ago from After the first zap, I IMMEDIATLY felt better! so, I finished all 3 times (7 minutes on 20 minutes off x3) I felt really good all day!

-by the way, last time I zapped only 2 of the 3 times, I got strep throat the same day! It was nasty :( I thought it was the zappers fault so I didn't zap again and suffered with the worst sore throat I have ever had, for 6 days and was sick and achy for 3 weeks!DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME FOLKS. ZAP ALL 3 TIMES. I finally figured out what I did wrong, but have been scared to try again until now. It may be that I had strep virus (or parasite?) hiding in one of the larger flukes/ parasites or something.-

Anyway, the next day I wanted to try something to see what was going on for real. I ate JUNK all day and I mean, I had as many things I could find that would have wood alcohol in them and as much Sugar as I could load up on (EewWwYy!!) I continued this trend (even petted the cats) for 3 days. By the 3rd day, I had all of my symptoms back.

I am back to zapping everyday, as I am convinced that there are things all around me that can make me sick (I live on a small farm) and I am working on my diet to not consume anything that the parisites can live on!

Happy Zapping,



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