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Re: InCharge - I would like to ask you... by InCharge ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   10/1/2002 2:51:44 AM ( 21 years ago ago)
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I am not a teacher, but like I said it isn't hard so maybe I can tell you enough to get started. As I told you I do the self-hypnosis thing but you can program your subconscious without doing SH. What SH helps you do is relax, and the more relaxed you are the more receptive your subconscious mind is.

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Try to get in a relaxed state. Use you imagination to do this. In your minds eye, picture yourself somewhere that you have felt relaxed and comfortable. Maybe it's on a quite beach. The warm sun shining on you and the sound of the waves in the background. Try to actually retrieve the sounds, smells etc. The closer you get to the real thing the better.

Suggest to yourself that you are very relaxed and that all the tension in your body is flowing out of your fingers and toes. Start with your feet and visualize them relaxing. Visualize all the muscles as wound up rubber bands that are unwinding. Progress to your ankles, then your calves, thighs, etc. until you cover your whole body. Remind yourself that you are totally relaxed and that your subconscious mind is now receptive to your suggestions and visualizations.

When you reach a point where you feel relaxed start suggesting (re: anger) to yourself that you want to be more tolerant of the people that you come in contact with and that you want to exude love and be a better person. Visualize yourself in your every day environment relating to the people that you actually do relate to in a more tolerant way and expressing love regardless of what happens. Repeat the suggestions again, and then visualize you going through the motions again. ***REPETITION*** Always make your suggestions in the positive form. (I will-I want to) not (.I don't-I will not).

(Compulsive eating) Do the same things only change the subject of the suggestions and visualizations. Suggest to yourself that you will make a conscious effort to eat food that is good for you and in reasonable quantities, and that you want to correct what ever the underlying reasons are for your compulsive eating. Visualize yourself going through your daily motions and eating the proper foods in reasonable quantities and only at meal times.

At the end of your session give thanks to your subconscious mind for helping make your suggestions come to pass.

You don't have to do any of this out loud. That's why you can do it anywhere. If I find myself having to wait somewhere, I take advantage of the time and do my thing.

I hope you understand that these are just my ideas and that you should use your own ideas about what you want to change and how best to get it across to yourself. I think I have given you the general idea. Just remember.

The key is repetition. The more you do this kind of thing the more effective it is. Do it as often as your time and situation permits.

Always think in terms of the positive for your suggestions.

I do think it would be to your advantage to get instructions from someone more qualified than I am to instruct you. I came across this site that really looked interesting to me. I can't recommend the products because I haven't used them personally, but Dr. Andrew Weil is a respected medical doctor that promotes self-healing, and he recommends this Dr. Steve. Check it out

You must tell me about the "journey" sometime

Good luck


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