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SPIRIT or DEMONS moving our bed? help this is strange long story... by #27519 ..... Christianity Debate

Date:   9/30/2005 9:55:21 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone I need to ask you all a question this is quite strange but

about 1 yr ago i started reading the bible for the 1st time in my life and suddenly that weekk my bed would shake, my husband would not notice anything, when i asked him he thought I was crazy, anyway the bed shaking would wake me up many time, and I was pretty scared but then I woudl wake up and read pslam 91 and it all stopped happening, well about 5 months ago I got my hubby into reading the bible, and now he is really into it and guess what?

our bed is shaking, but only he can feel it not me, it doesnt wake me up since I am not scared. he now knows that I was not lieing and I know he is a bit afraid but he wont admit it, anyway he is also awakened by nightmares of satan trying to get him back for reading the bible, he has very vivid nighmares about satan, the other day he dreamed that the devil was trying to get me for getting him to read the bible, and that satan got into a radio where i was listening to joyce meyers and my husband tgot a bat and was trying to get him out of there, anyway its been a struggle ever since we started to get to know god, we have had a million financial and health problems, but god is helping us out very much, and to tell you the truth it was a hard battle for my husband to read the bible because he didnt belive in it and now he reads it 2x a day and has even had dreams of god,

the other day he had a dream of god and he felt the holy spirit so strongly that it woke him up and he was in tears, he is having a great experience, but this bed shaking thing is kind of weird, and we do not know what to do about it we thought mayeb there are bad spirits in the house from the previous people that lived here, they were cubans and they probbaly belived in santeria-which most cubans belive in, its some kidn of witchcraft, anyway I cwas told I should call a catholic church because they are more familiar with these things, and I called and they tell me that spirits cannot touch you*they dont belive the bed shaking etc.. all teh priest told me was that what I need to say is "spirits rest in peace, and that they will leave us alone.anyway he is supposed to come bless our house on tjhursday, but I am not sure what to do since he isnt beliveing us, and I dont want him to think were crazy.

he also asked me if my kids were baptized, which I said NO, not yet and he said oh my that is awful, he said it with an attitude and was upset that we didnt go to mass every sunday, I was a bit upset at the fact that he acted as we were bad people, I mean right now we are getting to know god we do not want to be of any religeon, and I think that we are doing the rigth thing, it was or time to get to know god and were doing it now, I mean the fact that he said how awful it was for us not to have baptized our kids that hurt a bit,

for us religeon is not important, especially since I notice the bad mouthing that goes on between different religions, for now we are content with getting to know god and then deciding whether we want to be part of a religeon or not.

anyway about the bed shaking has anyone else experienced this? we had never experienced this before till after we started reading the bible, please let me know what you all think, I was thinking of calling a pastor form a christian church a friend goes to, but like I said I am afraid to tell him this since they will look at me like I am nuts.

by the way i wanted to add that my sweet mother in law used to do witchcraft on me, even while I was pregnant a while ago, she did it for years trying to separat eme and hubby so we moved away, can it be possible that those bad spirits have followed us?


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