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Please tell the truth - do colonics *really* work?? by KDM ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   9/3/2003 3:55:25 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I would like to inquire whether or not colonics provide the benefits that are advertised. Before continuing on, please note that this post is out of one of frustration.

I have had 2 coloinic sessions at a place (found on this site) here in Houston. From what I can see, a closed system in place. I have had 2 of them (at $75 per session) but have not seen much. Most definitely not what others have raved about in their colonic sessions. I do not know if I am impacted. If so, can I be so impacted that 2 sessions produce next to nothing - except gas? What can one reasonably expext during these sessions? They have sold me pills (for $60: Restore Probiotic, Nu-Zymes Food Enzyme Supplement). As far as I can tell provide no benefit whatsoever. The Experience, Clear and Harmony set produced better results - at least I went to the bathroom.

I don't live in Houston and must travel to get here. The colonics places I saw in San Antonio had open systems - which (according to my understanding ) are not beneficial. I work in a remote location where access to colonics (for me) would be difficult.

I asked the threapist (BEFORE travelling a long way) what I could do to make this a fruitful session. I was told to drink a lot of water - which I did.

When asking her (today) what would it take to remove the impactions, she said 12 or more sessions - even after that, I supposedly would not be well.

I am frustrated to the point of tears!!!! I have had swelling in my feet that was supposedly attributed to a liver not functioning properly. I cannot cleans the liver until I cleanse the bowel. I feel I need help and can't seem to get it. Unfortunately, I have put all of my hopes in this procedure - to the point of spending a good amount of time and money to just be here to get it. The only thing this place seems to be trying to do is make me spend all my time and money - providing very little in return. They are trying to schedule me for colonic sessions virtually every day next week as well as from now through to Saturday. They seem to want you to pay for sessions in advance. As mentioned earlier, I am scheduled for one tomorrow - if I had not paid in advance, I probably would not go.

Do colonics *really* work? Is it possible to be so impacted that their benefit is practically none? I don't eat mounds of junk food (I don't go to McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King, etc. for meals). I practiaclly eat fish and vegetables mostly and also stick with chicken. I may get beef once every 3 months in the form of speghetti or small hamburger. I have not had a "juicy steak" in 15 years. The only things I may be guilty of eating on a regular basis (that I have just recently found are not good for you): yogurt, croissant, fries, Baley's coffee, whip cream, sugar... But I stay away from fried foods - fried chicken, fried fish, etc.

Given a description of my diet above, why is it that the sessions are not working for me? I am starting to loose faith in this procedure now - are there any drugs that are recommended to loosen up impactions? What kind of doctor can one see to obtain them? I don't care too much about side effects at this time - I just want something that *works*.

Any type of help would be appreciated.



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