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Re: I think it was TMJ and I have got imediate relief by Stephan2 ..... Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

Date:   12/16/2005 12:51:22 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have tinnitus for quite some time and tried to relate it to whatever I eat or do. I don't have TMJ, at least I don't think I have it - BUT if I move my jaw, the sound of the tinnitus changes noticeably and I wondered about a connection here.

Now magnesium is commonly known to help relax muscle tension - and I guess that could work for TMJ/tinnitus.

Great discovery and thanks for sharing!

I am also thinking about the following:

During the night I try to sleep on my right and left sides. I have sleep apnea, I had a sleep study done and they found that the apnea episodes occurred when I was lying on my back towards the end of my sleep. But that is when you have most of your REM sleep! I have a 2" slab of memory foam on my otherwise hard mattress and my sides hurt due to pressure points, especially my shoulders and my hips. After laying on my right and left sides for an extended period both sides start hurting - leaving only the back as the last resort for comfort. This occurs toward the end of the sleep cycle and effectively destroying my REM sleep!

So as a solution I bought a $2,300 queen-size mattress from Brookstore that has a type of memory foam which is 3Ē thick. I already tried one of their funny shaped pillows but it hurt my ears due to too much pressure. Also it felt uncomfortable for my jaw. My new mattress should arrive any day now and I am going to check out a different pillow from them.

So, the memory foam mattress should allow me to sleep on the sides - thus avoiding my sleep apnea. And a better headrest should help with the TMJ. The magnesium could do help further and relax the muscles. Hope that will all work.

At least I have a plan!


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