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Re: cultured vegetables breath? by Prudence ..... The Body Ecology Diet Forum

Date:   2/3/2005 5:55:11 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Yes, it can be very complicated trying to follow both diets! I feel like I'm really cheating when I eat blue corn chips with the cultured veggies (and to be honest, I don't think they're that great for me), because Mercola would be horrified, LOL!

The thing I've found is that once I started feeding my body what it needed, which happened to be protein initially (I'm a protein type too, apparently), I began to be able to get in touch with my body and understand what it needs. There's that little intuitive voice in there that can guide me toward certain foods and away from others, but I can't hear it if my taste buds or the yeast are yelling louder. Once the yeast began to die off, I would use my intuition to choose foods ( though I limited the choices to the options on both diets).

Now that I've thrown the ravenous protein-craving beast inside a few dozen steaks and a bison side or two, it seems to be satiated enough for me to concentrate on the BED. I kind of prefer the BED because I don't like the idea of eliminating grains entirely, though I think it was necessary for me for awhile as a vegetarian and total grain addict. I also think the emphasis on cultured veggies is wise. The thing I liked about Mercola was the pure simplicity! BED can get pretty complicated and sometimes overwhelming, especially if I forget my little bottle of dressing and my stevia, and I'm on the road, LOL!

I guess that although it seemed random, I like the way I got into Mercola first, then combined it with BED, and am now on BED exclusively. I got my major protein fix, got the grain addiction out of my system, and am now following a pretty balanced program.

So, for someone who's wondering which to follow, I'd recommend eating lots of protein for as long as you feel the need to do so. Even Donna says that you'll want extra protein initially to kill the yeast quickly (doesn't she? Maybe that was somewhere else...). You can still do the cultured veggies and slowly get the proportions down to 80/20. I might even skip the grains for awhile to make sure the meat cravings are attended to.

Maybe the stagnation in the gut that happens when you eat all that protein is flushed out when you move away from the meat toward cultured veggies and the 80/20 rule? Or maybe it is just carb types that have trouble with the stagnation issue. (That would make sense according to the metabolic typing gurus, right?)

Oh, so much to synthesize, so little time! (Would that they'd teach this in med school, for heaven's sake!)

It's nice to find a fellow traveler on this winding path toward health! :-)


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