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Date:   8/29/2004 10:02:19 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I went to the chiropractor from hell in West Bloomfield, MI. He maniuplated my spine 2-3 times a week and destabilized my spine causing permanent nerve damage (he tore my spine from his spineripping manipulations) so he could make a couple of thousand dollars. No one should be manipulated that often. Two other chiropractors that looked at my case stated that he was doing this for the money. The problem I went in for was not spinal related. My life is living hell from this man 24/7. I can't sleep, eat or breathe without nerve pain shooting down all four extremeties as well as my spine. He knew he had done something wrong and tried to fix it. He would rather risk further damage than send me to an MD. I have a massive spinal cord injury for the rest of my life because of this psychopath. I do not know if he is a mental moran or just sadistic. He went to one of the poorest undergraduate schools in the state. As far as moral character he impregnated a patient that came in for infertility. So much for ethical too.

Please look at to understand the risks of manipulations and complaints by victims (some of which are put out there by the victims families since they died from the manipulations). Make sure you also read the scare tactics used by bad chiropractors. This person used all of them on me (one leg shorter than the other, I will get arthritis, your neck is too straight and they will try and put a curve in it via manipulations). Manipulations cause the joint and the ligaments to loose around the joint. This is what the spineripper did to me and then he tried to fix it not telling me what the problem was and I ended up with nerve root damage for the rest of my life.
And yes, the nerve pain drives me insane.

It takes a brave person to come forward. The only good that can come out is that someone else may benefit from my misfortune.


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